Some pictures from calculations:

Simulation of the air flow through an airplane radiator (thanks to Dan Ruggirello)


Boundary conditions

Speed field

Another model, speed field

Images of different Von Karman vortex streets that appear after a 2D cylinder at different Reynolds numbers

Reynolds 1

Reynolds 30

Reynolds 50

Reynolds 60

Reynolds 100

Images of speed field, pressure, drag and lift of a flow around a 2D cylinder at Reynolds 100


Speed X

Speed Y

Drag and Lift coefficients

Pressure distribution around the cylinder

Images taken from Askervein mountain 2D validation: meshes, speed field, and Fractional Speed-Up ratio validation

General mesh overview

Detailed view of mesh

Fractional Speed-Up ratio

Speed X

Speed Y

Images of 3D sphere validation cases at Reynolds 100, 250 and 400: meshes, speed fields, pressure and contaminant transport

3D mesh

Improved 3D mesh

Speed X, Reynolds 100

Contaminant, Reynolds 100

Speed X, Reynolds 250

(asymetric static street)

Contaminant, Reynolds 250

(asymetric static street)

Pressure, Reynolds 400

Contaminant, Reynolds 400

Contaminant, Reynolds 400

Speed X, Reynolds 400

Speed X, Reynolds 400